Mission Statement

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The House of Prayer is a mission base that consists of passionate followers of Christ pursuing spiritual change in the atmosphere of our city, state, nation, and world through worship, fasting, prayer, and outreach. We come from various churches and desire unity among believers. We represent all the generations and stand up for the generations yet to come.

We live in strategic times. The Holy Spirit is orchestrating a global worship and prayer movement for “such a time as this.” The great need of this hour is to operate in the authority of the Holy Spirit in all dimensions of spiritual warfare, including prophetic worship and intercession, signs and wonders, and the pursuit of justice in the earth.

We will continually cry out for God to visit our city and release a harvest of souls, for racial reconciliation, for signs and wonders, and for the powerful spiritual movement among all ages. We are absolutely committed to city-wide ownership of this ministry and ask that all staff and volunteers be involved in their local church. We are covered by an advisory board made up of pastors and leaders from across central Illinois and the nation.

Mission Points

  • To walk along side local churches and ministries as a spiritual resource by sparking deeper passion for Jesus through corporate city intercession and worship and development of intimacy and hearing God’s voice.

  • To facilitate a day and night house of prayer that will serve as a prayer furnace for and owned by the city church of Greater Springfield Community.

  • To facilitate healing rooms where the sick and oppressed will receive ministry, modeled after the John G. Lake healing rooms.

  • To develop skilled extravagant worshippers and Spirit-led worship teams, to send teams to help developing churches in worship.

  • To partner with Jesus in the Greater Commission through serving among the poor and those considered unlovely.

  • To help develop prophetic maturity through the context of training and classes.

  • To be a resource for the Holy Spirit materials, books, and music that will strengthen passion for Jesus.

  • To promote unity and purposeful interaction among the Body of Christ.

  • To provide a context for training local church members to pray and sing the Word of God on a corporate level.