Prophetic word

By Scott Beauchamp on March 19, 2019 0 Comments

Given to Pastor Scott Beauchamp on 3-12-2019


 It is time to rise up, time to soar

Time to walk out of the old and truly embrace the new.

The New man, the New Day, the New Wine and the New Thing.

Quit playing and delaying because the past isn't where we're staying.

Tomorrow IS full of hope and promise but beloved, so is TODAY,

Don't look only to tomorrow when RIGHT NOW I've made the Way.

Bring all of your thoughts captive and see what I will do,

Because I have planned something so much better 

And it's reserved just for you.

Let go, let go, let go of all the things that bind.

Let me restore your vision as you renew your mind.

Just around the corner is something beyond your hopes and dreams.

It's not just in the far off future or as distant as it seems.

Fix your eyes upon me and open up your heart,

For today is the day of salvation and I'm declaring a new start.

Joyfully give thanks as you continue to pray and seek,

Because I who declare it will perform all that I speak.



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