The Joy of Grace

By Joel Dukett on October 17, 2013 0 Comments

Life is busy, and we often find ourselves caught up life’s requirements. Whether its work, school, spouses, children, or friends; we are continually committed to one activity or another. And through these pressures and expectations, we are trying to find our purpose for which God made us.

I think its common of everyone to feel seasons of burnout. Life is full of distractions that draw the church away from its purpose. In a recent article from The Blaze, Pastor Tullian Tchividjian, the grandson of Billy Graham, spoke to this point,

I think the main premise is that we are exhausted people. Everybody I’ve talked to is exhausted. People are exhausted spiritually, they’re exhausted relationally, they’re exhausted emotionally, they’re exhausted physically,” he said. “And they’re not exhausted because their life is busy; they’re exhausted because, through their busy life, they’re trying to secure meaning, worth, significance, purpose.”

To love and be loved in a radical romance fulfills the needs of our spirit.

I sometimes feel my entire walk with the Lord has been a battle of distraction and desire. I want more of the Lord, but how much am I willing to give up in an already busy life? If I’m honest, not nearly enough. The problem is that with all the busyness of life, I forget how much God loves me and just how desperate He is to be with me.

Even when I return the Lord to His rightful place as first place in my life, I do so with striving and performance. And God is so not concerned with my performance. He sent His son to die for me, and the best part is that Jesus is coming back. When I begin to focus on the face of Jesus, everything seems a little less crazy. Its because of grace, and I love grace. It empowers us to become free from sin.

 God is all about loving His children. I hope the revelation of His love replaces feelings of frustration, that grace would be embraced during times of hardship, and joy would take the place of worry. God has a destiny for everyone, and when we begin to live from it, everything changes.


Here is the link to The Blaze article.

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