Who else?

Who else?

By Scott Beauchamp on April 19, 2013 0 Comments

Finding our identity in these days seems to be continually on the heart of humanity.

As I observe both Christian and secular society proclaiming new identities, or searching for such quite frequently, there have been a few thoughts welling up within me.

Before I came to know Christ in 1984, I like most was trying on many identity 'hats'. I liked art and became an artist. I liked horses and adventure, and became a cowboy. I loved performing and became a singer in a rock-and-roll band. With each attempt at discovering who I was, the identity eventually faded. Although they held a measure of gratification, it held no real sustainable satisfaction.

Even though these were my B.C. days, and my road to fulfillment began with accepting Christ, I still observe many unfulfilled Christians in identity crisis. Who will we imitate or idolize this month? Which pastor or ministry style will we attempt to put on today? Who else will we try to be or be like?

Perhaps our identity in God must first be focused on who He made us to be outside of what we can produce or what our assignment is. I believe it is important to understand who we are in Him, but we must not simply accept someone else's word for it or settle for what we have learned up to this point. God wants to meet with us each individually. He wants to speak to our hearts that we would believe and receive His declaration of identity. Are we positioning ourselves to hear? What could be more empowering than hearing the God of the universe speaking to us who HE has made us to be.... as Jesus spoke repeatedly, "To him who has ears to hear." May we value and pursue the place of hearing His voice.


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